Vertu Unveils New Luxury Smartphone, The Constellation

vertu-constellation-tVertu have announced that they will be launching a new luxury smartphone. The Constellation utilises a sapphire crystal display and titanium body as well as a number of other high end features.

When it comes to high end smartphones most people think of the iPhone, the latest Samsung Galaxy, and a host of other phones from the likes of HTC and Sony. However, even the £700 price tag that some of these phones carry have got nothing on the Vertu handsets. The previous Ti didn’t just raise the bar, it blew it into space. Fitting, then, that the latest model is called the Constellation.

First of all, let’s cover the price. The Constellation will cost £4,131 but for this you don’t just enjoy the best that British luxury manufacturing has to offer. You get a host of other benefits, such as exclusive VIP event invitations and considerable security for you and your phone. Silent Circle data encryption, Kaspersky anti-virus, and Protector Services Group corporate security are some of the features that are certainly an improvement over your typical free AVD download and expensively priced gadget insurance.

The phone itself is also of an incredibly high standard. The body is made from titanium, which is lighter and stronger than any other mobile phone material while the screen is made from a sapphire crystal that cannot be scratched by anything except diamond.

When it comes to technical specifications, Vertu has ensured that you won’t be left too far behind although if you are after the very latest and very best in this area then you may want to look elsewhere. The screen is a 4.3” 720p HD screen and the phone has a 1.7GHz dual core processor on board.

While we haven’t checked, we feel fairly certain that you can’t pick one of these up for free even on a £35 a month, two year contract.

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