Video Games Analyst Predicts Wii U Will Lose Publishers By Christmas

Wii-uA games console is only as popular as its line of games; this is something that Nintendo has proven, to its detriment, with the Wii U. Few high quality games, apart from Nintendo’s own titles, have been released and major publishers like EA have hinted and even directly stated that they would not be developing for the Wii U forever. With the launch of the Xbox One and the PS4 due this year, it seems that Nintendo may have to face facts that its latest innovative console simply hasn’t hit the mark.

The original Nintendo Wii broke all sorts of records as well as barriers. It was dubbed as being the console for the whole family as kids, parents, and even grandparents, took the motion controlled activities that it had to offer. Developers and publishers were keen to work with the system even though this meant developing a game from scratch when compared to developing for the Xbox 360 and PS3 at the time.

Michael Patcher, a respected and well known analyst within the video games industry, has said that EA may prove to be the first rat to jump the sinking ship and that if Nintendo don’t quickly turn things around and secure new titles soon then they will lose out. It’s something of a vicious circle, however, because without the publishers, gamers won’t be interested in the console and without consumer interest, publishers won’t want to develop. Something has to give somewhere if Nintendo want to see dwindling Wii U sales improve.

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