Vodafone Smart Mini Released For £50

huawei p6On sale today via the Vodafone website, the Smart Mini is a low cost and low specification phone. Even cheaper than the £60 Huaiwei Ascend Y300 it doesn’t have that much going for it, unfortunately.

Smartphone prices are getting cheaper and cheaper, and while budget handsets do require that you make sacrifices somewhere along the line, they can be used as great backup phones and are ideal for use by those that have not yet fully caught the smartphone bug. Devices from the likes of HTC and, more recently and more impressively, Huawei have largely dominated this market but there are a few mobile operator branded devices that have also set the budget world alight. The new Vodafone Smart Mini can join this latter bunch as a low cost handset with some reasonable features on offer.

The Smart Mini has a 1GHz single core processor and only 512MB of RAM. It has 4GB of internal storage but you will only be able to use less than 2.5GB of it for installing apps and the such. As the phone runs Android Jelly Bean you won’t be able to install apps on your miniSD cards, either, but you will be able to extend storage by 32GB so that you can keep more photos, music, and video.

Not that you’ll be that keen to take too many photos because the Smart Mini only has a 2mp camera.

The tiny 3.5” screen offers 480×320 pixels which is certainly not that great but you are only paying £50 for the phone. In our opinion, though, you’re better saving another £10 of your pocket money and sticking with the Huawei Ascend Y300 – it has a better camera, better screen, dual core processor although the same problem with memory is found here too. If you want something really basic and cheap, though, it is the Huawei that takes it for us.

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