VW Kombi reaches the end of the road

volkswagen_kombiOne of the most iconic and recognised vehicles ever produced has finally ceased production. New safety regulations in Brazil have led to the demise of the Volkswagen Kombi after 64 years of production.

From camper vans to pick-ups and cargo vans Volkeswagen will cease production at the end of 2013 of the ‘Type 2’ in Brazil, or anywhere else in the world. ‘Type 1’ was broadly known as the Beetle.

For the last five or six decades the Kombi was recognized as a symbol of counter-culture right across the world and staple of life in Brazil.

In the vast factory based in San Bernando the vehicles were still largely manufactured by hand with just a few design changes, however, new safety rules in the country have required that all vehicles are required to meet safety guidelines and have features installed such as airbags and antilock brakes which the current design could not accommodate.

The final run of 600 of last edition vehicles which will cost around £25,000, has sparked a rush by nostalgic VW enthusiasts and collectors alike. With a production run of around 10 million Kombis since 1949 there will be plenty to go around for many years to come.

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