Want To Play Like Ronaldo? There’s An App For That

Ronaldo AppAdidas have showcased their latest Smart Ball technology which is packed full of a variety of different sensors and can be used to help train players to improve technique, power, spin, and accuracy. Adidas say that the ball has come about as a result of three years of research and development and sends data via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. The app has four sections – Kick It, Get Better, Challenges, and Record Book.

There are apps for just about everything and it is becoming increasingly popular to find apps on mobile phones that combine with hardware and other items. However, the Smart Ball is the first known combination of football and iPhone app.

  • Kick It is essentially the sandbox mode. Players can kick the ball as they will and the app will measure speed, bend, trajectory, and the area of the ball that the player kicks.
  • Get Better takes this a step further by monitoring kicks and then providing feedback to the user that enables them to improve their kicking abilities.
  • Challenges offers a selection of technical challenges, including the Power and Free Kick modes, while Pro compares the kicker’s ability to that of the professionals.
  • Record Book records the ten best kicks of the day and users are free to effectively bookmark their favourite kicks. This, according to Adidas, allows for comparison and the ability to track improvements.

Currently, the app is only planned for release on iOS operating systems and is set for release in 2014 and was showcased at this weekend’s Adidas Lab event.

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