We’re Falling In Love With The Living Room TV Again

sony ultra hd tvsFigures from Ofcom show that, while we are increasingly likely to be using a smartphone or other mobile device while doing so, we are also more likely to watch our living room TV sets again.

We, as consumers, have been treating our living room TVs badly apparently. Following a honeymoon period of several decades where the TV became increasingly ubiquitous, the advent of devices like advanced smartphones and tablets meant that many of us were turning our attention away from the TV. However, TV relationship counsellor Ofcom has said that the trend is reversing and we are falling in love with the big screen again.

The Communications Market Report is an annual report that highlights everything from viewing habits to how we use devices like TVs and tablets.

The most recent report indicates that 91% of adults now watch their living room TV sets at least once a week. This is an increase compared to the 88% in 2002 but the report also suggested that while we may be back in a relationship with the TV it certainly isn’t an exclusive one.

More than 50% of the people surveyed said that they regularly indulge in multiple device relationships, bringing the phone and tablet into the living room during what should be Tele time.

Ofcom went on to say that while only 27% of us had smartphones two years ago, this figure has nearly doubled to more than 50% and that the number of tablet owners has increased from 11% to 24% in just a year.

Conversely, the teenager’s bedroom is no longer the place to find TV sets with 52% of kids aged between 5 and 15 having their own TV compared to 69% back in 2007.

Apparently, size matters as well. In 2012, only 4.3% of TV sets were 43” or above whereas now, this figure has increased significantly to 15.8%.

A third of parents said that they use tablets as a means to keep children out of the way! Tablet computers offer access to catch-up TV and streaming Internet TV services like Netflix and YouView. Parents let their kids watch these services on mobile devices while they are busy watching their preferred shows and on the big screen TV.

Clearly, viewing and media consumption habits are changing and the TV remains our primary means of watching TV. In fact, it has regained ground over other devices, although we are more likely to indulge in electronic multitasking than ever before.

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