What Does Your Mobile Say About You?

Talk Talk HuaweiA recent TalkTalk survey shows that iPhone users are vain, Blackberry owners are loaded, and Android owners have the best manners.

TalkTalk Mobile conducted a survey of 2,000 smartphone owners to determine what particular brands of mobile phone say about their owners. So, what exactly does your mobile choice say about you and is it really relevant?

iPhone owners are vain, rating themselves as the most attractive and spend the most on personal grooming when compared to Blackberry and Android owners cementing the brand’s position as being the most fashionable. they are also the most ambitious and travel more frequently and further afield. The survey shows that the typical iPhone owner is confident, ambitious, daring, bright, and flirty.

Blackberry owners are the biggest earners with an average salary of £27,406. This would certainly agree with the reputation that Blackberry has for being a business phone rather than a consumer phone. Typical owners work in finance, health, and property. BB users make the most calls and send the most texts, perhaps because they work the fewest hours of all phone owners. The typical owner is said to be loud and bubbly.

The average Android user is more of an introvert but very creative. They are the best cooks and tend to work the longest hours, in industries like media, culture, and sport. They also watch the most TV and drink the most of all phone owners. Android owners are the most polite and the typical user is described, according to the survey, as being shy, quiet, relaxed, calm, and an introvert.

Mobile phones can be considered an extension of ourselves and the reputation that phones like the iPhone or Blackberry have mean that it is not unlikely that we choose a phone that best suits our personality traits, the type of work we do, and how we spend our time but does your phone accurately reflect you?

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