What To Expect From The Xbox 720

xbox-720Tuesday is the day that Microsoft hosts its official launch event for the next generation of its Xbox console and gamers are getting a little excited at the prospect of a new, next generation console. While no information has officially been leaked, there are some fairly strong rumours doing the rounds regarding what exactly you can expect from the games console giant.

It is expected to have an eight core processor that will clock at 1.6GHz as well as a custom graphics processor. Rumours are also fairly strong regarding the 500GB hard drive and the move over to Blu-Ray; one area that the PS3 dominated the Xbox was in its use and offering of Blu Ray to users and with no new technology in this area, Blu Ray looks the most likely and beneficial addition to the next gen of Microsoft console.

It is rumoured that the love-it hate-it Kinect will be a much more integral facet of the new console. It will be built directly into the Xbox and this means that it will be considerably more accurate and voice recognition looks a likely addition to this generation too.

When it came to the big battle between PS3 and Xbox 360 one area where Microsoft excelled was in its online offering. The Playstation lacked gross game chat, which is a massive turn off for us, and while you had to pay a subscription for Xbox Live features that were of any merit, the adage that “you get what you pay for” rang especially true here. Microsoft look to be pushing the new Xbox even more heavily as an all in one living room entertainment system so expect more tie-ins with content producers and expect to benefit even more from the Blu Ray player. Maybe there will be something more akin to Playstation Home which, quite frankly, enabled us to while away many an hour doing absolutely nothing except giggle.

There were early rumours that the next Xbox would need to be connected to the Internet at all times. Microsoft has essentially moved to quash these rumours but maybe there will be some element of truth to them. Demanding an always on connection would instantly limit the crowd to whom the system could be sold and it would prove to be an ultimately unpopular move so we seriously doubt that this will be the case – what’s more, to coin another adage – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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