What We Expect To See At E3 2013

e3 2013We’ve already heard announcements and details of the major gaming console releases, in the shape of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 but with E3 2013 set to kick off today what else can we expect?


Microsoft irked some hardcore gaming fans during the announcement of what exactly the Xbox One will offer. The release was more TV than it was serious gaming. They want the One to become your central hub for home entertainment, which means that it will do everything from games to TV and additional media content. We already know that it will have Blu Ray, a 500GB hard drive, will automatically rip games to the hard drive, and offers features like TV, Skype, and more.

So, what do we expect to hear from Microsoft at E3 2013?

The console isn’t backwards compatible and it will require a new Xbox Live type system. Digital versions of games will be available right from the outset but how exactly will it work? There have been rumours of digital trade-ins but given the company’s stance on pre-owned games that seems fairly unlikely. More details on the requirement for nearly always on Internet will hopefully be forthcoming too. New game details should be the order of the day and we are also hoping to hear at least a little more about release date and launch price – something more concrete than the Holidays 2013.

We’re also hoping to see and hear a lot more about the Illumiroom tech.


Sony seem to have made a u-turn on their own march into the multimedia world. The PS4 announcement was more gaming than it was multimedia, although the new Share feature certainly caused a minor storm. Suspend replaces game saves so you can start playing immediately where you left off too. It’s packed full of RAM and even has its own dedicated processor that records and keeps the last 15 minutes of gameplay footage (used in conjunction with that Share button).

Expect plenty of noise about games from Sony too – about a dozen or so have been announced since the console was unveiled but we are hoping to see more details of what will be available on launch day.

There should also be news on game streaming and the porting of PS3 games over to the PS4. Cloud gaming will almost certainly feature prominently in discussions.


Nintendo has stolen a march on its competitors but the Wii U has proven far from a game changer. Its release went hand in hand with missing functionality, poor features, and, most damagingly, a huge hole in the list of games available.

It’s hard to know what to expect from Nintendo but we would assume there will be news on improvements to poor loading times and battery life as well as a list of additional games that will become available.

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