WiFi Rifle Enables Novices To Hit Targets At 1km

wifi-rifleDo you remember all the fuss about 3d printed guns? Well, the good thing, from the point of view of gun lobbyists, is that printing anything on a printer at home would never give the kind of results that would be needed to make any kind of precision firearm. A company in Texas, however, has created a gun that uses what is the marksman equivalent of point and click to enable even amateurs to be able to hit a target up to 1km away.

The gun is billed as being a recreational bolt action rifle and was developed for use in safari and hunting, when the designer John McHale found it difficult to hit a Thompson’s Gazelle running at up to 90kmh. The problem is the number of variables that need to be taken into account. Not only do you have to consider shaky hands and blurred vision but humidity, wind speed, the movement of the target, and even the incline of the gun.

The so called Precision Guided Firearm comes in three models with effective ranges of around 800m, 900m, and 1.1km. The user tags a target and then the gun works out multiple factors. The firer then pulls the trigger and once the target is in the suitable place, the gun chooses to take the shot. Slightly disturbingly, the action can be streamed and recorded via social networking sites and you even receive a free iPad Mini with the PGF app preloaded on it.

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