Wii U Sees Price Cut By £50 In ASDA

Wii-uNintendo has had to put up with a major anti-climax, in the shape of the Wii U. Following the success of the original Wii and with their handheld range, Nintendo could be forgiven for getting a little complacent. However, in this case, it seems that there biggest mistake may have been to stick with the Wii moniker – their own executives have been at pains in recent weeks to point out that it is a brand new machine and not just an updated version of the original console.

It is only six months since the U launched and it has not sold anywhere near as many units as expected. This has led to a number of chains and shops reducing their prices. Initially, the basic model cost £249 while the Premium model cost £299. In March, Asda cut the price of both models by £50 and were quickly followed by other retailers. With only 350,000 of the consoles selling worldwide in the first three months of the year, Asda has taken the step of knocking another £50 off. You can now get the Basic model for £149 and you will only have to pay £199 for the Premium model.

A lot of the problems faced have been blamed on the lack of top software titles, as well as the perception that it is nothing more than an updated version of the original. Analysts are already predicting the death of the Wii U stating E3 next month as their last opportunity to stage a comeback with the ailing device.

Of course, the price cut may spur many people into buying one.

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