Wikipad 7” Gaming Console To Launch In UK On September 27th

wikipad-610x353The Android gaming tablet called the Wikipad has received a UK release date of 27th September. The joystick wielding, Android touting 7” device will cost £250 and is considered a bold design move.

Virtually everything is touch screen nowadays. There are a few Blackberry smartphones that have stuck to the QWERTY design but even they have turned to touch screen for a lot of the models now available. When it comes to gaming, though, the touch screen is far from ideal and controls have become increasingly complex as game manufacturers attempt to find new and innovative ways for players to be able to control the action that they are involved in.

The Wikipad has been available in the US since June but has only just received a UK release date. The company behind the 7” tablet/handheld console hybrid have said that it will be available in the UK from 27th September and that the Wikipad will cost gamers £250.

In exchange for that price, buyers will receive a 7” touch screen tablet with a Tegra 3 quad core processor, dedicated nVidia GPU, and 16GB of internal memory; users can also benefit from the microSD card slot that allows for the addition of a further 32GB of memory, which could prove vital for those with a sizeable Android gaming selection.

The biggest and boldest feature of the Wikipad is the fact that it has what is basically a clip-on controller. The tablet slots into the controller and rather than using the touch screen it is then possible to play games using a more traditional joystick and button arrangement. However, not all games are joystick compatible with a lot of modern, tablet specific games created primarily for touch screen use. Happily, though, the Wikipad team have created and published a list of those games that have been thoroughly tested and that work with the Wikipad.

The tablet will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean so there certainly shouldn’t be any issues with games and apps currently on the market. There are currently more than 100 games that are listed as being playable with the joystick and you receive three games as standard when you buy the pad.

Wikipad will be available in the UK from 27th September and will cost £250. It should prove a good buy for those gamers that love their games mobile, can find a decent selection of titles on Android, and want a traditional joystick as well as a touch screen device.

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