Windows 8 Tablets Take 7.4% Of Tablet Market

Windows 8 TabletIt seems that the world isn’t divided into Google and Apple tablet owners, after all; there is at least a small but growing portion of the ultra mobile computer market that has taken to the latest Windows 8 tablets. Research shows that 7.4% of the tablet market is currently running a Windows 8 device. The seam figures also show that Apple’s dominant share is down while Android saw the greatest gains, as most would have expected.

There are a surprisingly healthy number of Windows 8 tablets on the market as well as a number of convertible devices. The latter designs are certainly something that have appealed to us with the Dell XPS Duo, the Lenovo IdeaPad and, of course, the Microsoft Surface proving to be some of the best of this bunch.

This range of devices has helped ensure that Microsoft has risen from a 0% market share in Q1 of 2012 to a moderate but healthy looking 7.4% share in Q1 2013. With the imminent release of more devices it seems likely that these numbers will continue to grow in favour of the Microsoft powered devices too.

During Q1 2012, Apple had a 63% market share and this figure has dropped to 48%. Android may have only had 34% in 2012 but they are not far behind Apple with 43% this time round. Android has a number of more affordable devices when compared to Apple and this is at least partially responsible for their rise.

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