Windows Phone Displaces Blackberry

windows-phone-8Aided by Nokia’s push of the Lumia range, Windows Phone has overtaken the Blackberry operating system as the third most popular mobile operating system according to the most recent figures. It’s taken a while for consumers to warm to the Microsoft platform and 3.2% is hardly a massive share but it may well be a sign of things to come, especially as Nokia is readying for mobiles for launch in the medium term. However, Android still sits firmly atop the table while iOS has lost some of its market share despite seeing its best start to a year since the release of the original iPod phone.

Blackberry and Windows went head to head in the first quarter of the year with new phones and updates to their operating systems. While the Blackbeerry 10 may have helped put Blackberry back on the map it seems that it is the introduction and widespread use of phones like the Lumia 800, HTC Titan, and the Samsung Omnia 7 that have helped push Windows up the charts.

Google recently announced that they enjoyed 500m activations of their devices in the past year and they enjoyed a 75% market share of all the phones that were shipped in the first quarter of the year. iOS took 2nd place with 17.3% while Windows was 3rd with 3.2% and Blackberry was in 4th with 2.9%. Microsoft has some considerable way to go in order to catch up with Android but they are making in-roads now at least.

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