Winds of 80mph and heavy rain to hit Britain this weekend

strong-windsAnother huge storm is on it’s way to batter the United Kingdom this weekend, again with the South West of England being one of the worst affected.

Two weather systems are on course to collide in the coming days, bringing more than an inch of rain to some areas.

A Met Office spokesman said yesterday: ‘Once the initial band of rain comes in you are going to see severe gales that could bring potential issues with a risk of trees falling.’

Yesterday heavy rain continued to fall on to the swollen River Tone,in Someret, which poured into an already-overwhelmed reservoir and over the top of a man-made defence wall near the villages.

Maria Mae also abandoned her Fordgate home after 2ft of sewage-filled water poured into her cottage in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Fighting back tears, she said: ‘We couldn’t do it any more, so we decided to just move out.
‘It’s terrible. I am living like a refugee at the moment out of five bags. My husband cried his eyes out. I have no idea where we are going to go.’

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