Woman’s shock as e-cigarette EXPLODES to leave her car in flames

e-cigarette-car-explodesKim Taylor, 54, said that flames tore through the rear seat of her vehicle and the windows were left covered in soot.

No-one was injured as the car was parked and unoccupied at the time.

But Ms Taylor, of Aylestone, Leicester, said that the incident could have been worse if it had taken place in her house or while on a car journey.

She said: “I’ve gone to sleep with it plugged in before. I hate to think what would have happened if it had exploded next to me.

“If I was on a long journey, I would have had it in the front – it could have exploded in my face.”

Ms Taylor said that she put her e-cigarette on charge in an auxiliary socket in the back of her Ford Mondeo when she left work.

After her 10 minute drive home, the care worker parked up and went inside, leaving the e-cigarette to charge.

Shortly afterwards, she went back to fetch something from the car.

She said that when she opened the driver’s door, “black smoke came flying out” and she saw the rear seat was on fire.

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