World Of Warcraft Nearly Cost Superman His Job

war of carftsWorld of Warcraft has been undergoing some difficult times as it has announced that players are leaving at an alarmingly steady rate. They were almost the cause for global disaster, too, as Henry Cavill explains in an interview with GQ that he initially ignored the call from his agent to ask him to go for the role while he was playing the MMORPG. Fortunately, despite not being able to save, he did ring back and was ultimately cast in the role.

Just a few days ago, Activision Blizzard said that they had lost 1.3m subscribers to their game in the first three months of the year. They also told investors to expect further losses as people were turning to free to play games in preference to the initial outlay and subscription model that World of Warcraft demands. They have said that major expansions will be made available more often in a bid to try and stem the tide of defectors and to try and convince gamers back.

World of Warcraft was first released 8 years ago and a total of four major expansions have been released since then. The most recent release Mists of Pandaria was praised by reviewers but this didn’t stop what amounted to 14% of players from leaving the game. In August of last year, the publishers announced that they had lost 1 million users already; the lowest figure since 2007. Could World of Warcraft follow the same route as EA’s Star Wars: The Old Republic which converted to a free to play model after disappointing subscriptions and sales.

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