Worlds largest Ultra HD TV revealed

samsung-hd-tv-105-inchSamsung has just announced it will be retailing an astonishing 100 inch ultra HD TV for its own South Korean market. Prices for the 100 inch display have yet to be released but the 85 inch display debuted at £25,000.

Samsung’s announcement comes at a time when technology analysts predict a boom in demand for UHD. Sales for ultra-HD TVs have already hit 1.3 million with a predicted 27 million sales in around four years time. Samsung also predicts that around half of the UHD TV’s will be sold into the Chinese markets.

It would also appear that Samsung is no longer interested in producing small sized TVs with its predicted launch of the 2.6 meters by 1.8 meters UHD TV in China, Middle East and Europe.

To date Samsung has revealed that it has received 10 orders for its 100-inch UHD TV from the Middle East alone.

The new display will be formally announced by Samsung at CES – next week in Las Vegas between January 7th and 10th – nine weeks after its release.

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