Wuaki.tv Aims To Take On Netflix And Lovefilm

wuaki-tv-logoSpanish owned Wuaki.tv, which offers movies and TV content for rent or purchase, aims to take on the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm. It is available on mobile devices, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox Live.

When it comes to streaming TV online or buying movies, there are really only a few choices worth considering. Netflix and LoveFilm are the two primary sources of this type of online content, thanks to their combination of affordability and the size of their catalogues. Now TV has also entered the fray and is making good ground but there’s a new service, called Wuaki.tv that combines the streaming and purchase models and hopes to beat all three.

Netflix is the most widely available of services and it offers some exceptional TV content. However, it does lack in the film area. Users have to wait up to a year longer than on other services for some of the biggest names and there’s also an issue with the fact that other countries get considerably more content than we do in the UK. The subscription model is very affordable, however.

Lovefilm Instant is the longest serving of the services but only thanks to its online physical disc rental service. It costs the same as Netflix, and for £2 a month extra you can receive discs through the post to watch. The Instant selection of films is slightly better than Netflix but still disappointing and if you don’t take films by post you will probably be disappointed.

Now TV is a relative newcomer to the marketplace and despite being owned and run by Sky, it has nothing to do with the company’s subscription TV service. However, it does benefit from it. Now TV offers access to the big blockbuster films considerably sooner than its competitors and, albeit at a premium, you can also access Sky Sports channels. The big drawback of Now TV is that it is by no means cheap. Following a free 20 day trial, you pay the reduced price of £8.99 a month and £15 a month thereafter. Furthermore, it will cost you £10 to access all of the Sky Sports channels just for 24 hours. It’s not cheap but it does have the most recent content.

Wuaki.tv is a new entrant to the marketplace and it already has the licensing deals tied up, which is good. It also combines streaming and online rentals and although the options are fairly limited right now, there is likely to be a fairly substantial amount of content available to users soon enough. It is certainly one to watch out for at the very least and it is available on mobile devices (Android and iOS) as well as Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox Live.

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