Xbox One And Playstation 4 Updates

xbox-one-playstation-4The battle of the next generation of games consoles has really heated up. Sony announced basic the details of its Playstation 4 machine some time ago and Microsoft has finally followed suit. For gamers, the two machines have very similar specs, but they have taken a different approach regarding the system and how they envisage it being used. The Xbox is going all multimedia with Microsoft having designs on your living room while Sony has taken a more cloud based approach but which will win out? There have been a number of new developments from both parties, as neither wants to be far away from the limelight for too long.

It turns out that Microsoft are fully behind cloud gaming and they have announced that they are increasing the number of servers that they use from the current 15,000 to a proposed 300,000 – a marked increase from the 500 they had when the service was first launched. This will provide them with the opportunity to stream parts of games from the cloud and therefore increase gaming capacity. Some debate and questions still exist over whether you will need to log on to the Internet once a day to enable the full capabilities of the system.

Sony has taken an ad out in the Metro in order to confirm that it will definitely be released in the UK in 2013. Historically, the Japanese manufacturer’s consoles have seen a release in Asia followed by a later release in Europe and the rest of the world but it seems that they are attempting to bring the launches to one single date.

Numerous companies have come out and said that they will be launching games on one or both of the systems. The PS4 can boast Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Blacklight: Retribution, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Deep Down, Destiny, Diablo III, Drive Club, Final Fantasy, Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Need For Speed, Knack, Primal Carnage, Sniper Elite 3, Thief, Watch Dogs, Warthunder, The Witcher 3, and the Witness.

The Xbox One will see Assassin’s Creed, Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Destiny, Dying Light, FIFA 14, Forza 5, Madden 25, NBA Live 14, Need For Speed Rivals, Quantum Break, Ryse, Thief, EA Sports UFC, and Watch Dogs. There are also a lot of unconfirmed rumours for both systems regarding the titles that will or will not launch but the one feature that could sway it for us is the IllumiRoom peripheral that will be launched for the PS4 –it looks jaw trouser stirringly incredible.

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