Xbox One And PS4 UK Release Dates Leaked

xbox-one-playstation-4Games retailer Toys’R’Us apparently leaked release dates for both the Xbox One and PS4 but have since retracted statements that the dates were official and given to them by suppliers.

Games retail giant Toys’R’Us had given both the Xbox One and PS4 UK release dates an apparent unofficial airing, posting on their website that the Microsoft console would be available on 29th November in the UK and that Sony’s competing system would be available to purchase from December 13th.

When originally asked whether the dates were official or just placeholders they had said that the dates were provided by suppliers and were therefore official. However, following statements from both Sony and Microsoft they have backtracked and said that giving the systems a date was necessary in order to be able to take pre-orders from potential buyers.

Microsoft has previously stated a November release and Sony had said that it would be “coming this holiday season”. Both dates may yet turn out to be true although 13th December seems a little late to take advantage of the full Christmas buying period.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that they have managed to eek a little more power from the Xbox One GPU dragging it from 800MHz to 853MHz and have hinted that things could get better before the final release.

Essentially, Microsoft engineers have now moved from the theoretical drawing board to the stage where they add an actual GPU to the device. While this isn’t the final version of the graphics unit that will be used it does give a clearer indication of performance and will allow for further modifications and improvements.

The 53MHz improvement may not seem a lot but it is, at least, a step in the right direction. Microsoft have previously endured bad press and publicity regarding their next generation console.

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