Xbox One Launch Marks Round One Of Next Generation Console Wars

Xbox-One-ConsoleThe Xbox One launched at midnight last night and has opened up the first round of the next generation console wars, although early signs would seem to indicate that Microsoft may struggle to compete with Sony this time around.

The next generation console wars have started in earnest in the UK, as consumers it shops at midnight last night, to get their hands on the Microsoft Xbox One; a device that Microsoft hopes will take centre stage in the living room, rather than nestled under the trolley in the back room, or up in the kid’s bedroom. This generation of consoles is going to be very much about multi-purpose technology.

Of course, the console is going to be great for gaming, although the PS4 arguably has the better hardware, but there is a raft of other exceptional features hiding under the hood.

It will offer full voice command features, at least in the UK anyway. This includes the command “Xbox On” which enables you to even turn the console on, using just your voice.

Your Xbox One can even turn your TV on for you, which is especially ideal if you’re just too lazy to pick up the TV remote.

When it comes to controls, the considerably more advanced and greatly improved Kinect 2.0 will double as an IR blaster so can be used as a universal remote – that means that it is already more useful than the first generation of Kinect.

You can run multiple applications, not only at the same time, but on the same screen using Snap. This means that you can play games while Skyping your mates.

Ever the triggers in the newly designed controller offer haptic feedback, and this means that they will rumble to let you know that you’re accelerating, firing at enemies, shooting at goal, or whatever else you may choose to do.

HDMI pass through means that you can connect any device to your One, and then control the content from that device directly through the One dashboard. Connect Sky, watch your favourite shows, and Snap Skype to the same screen, or have the latest news headlines on the side.

The free Xbox Smartglass app not only enables you to control the content on your One, but it could, and probably eventually will, be incorporated into game controls. This will give you voice, motion, control, and touch screen controlled gaming.

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