Xbox One Vs Xbox 360 – 10 Times More Powerful But Same Price For Games

xboxMicrosoft Studios VP Phil Spencer states that Xbox One is 10 more powerful than Xbox 360 for local gaming. Microsoft has also said that games will remain the same price compared to those on the Xbox 360.

Whenever a next generation of console is released, we expect to see big improvements and that was certainly true when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were released. They brought HD gaming possibilities to our homes and while it can take a while for game producers to really get to grips with the technology and produce high quality titles, once it does happen, we normally see the very best games. So, expectations were pretty high following the announcement of Microsoft’s next generation console the Xbox One.

Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer appeared on Jimmy Fallon recently where he announced that the Xbox One was only three times quicker than its predecessor. Disappointing and unbelievable would be a fair summation of the reaction especially considering the increase in RAM from 512MB to 8GB.

Following the announcement, a number of bemused fans took to Twitter and Spencer was forced to back track somewhat. Eventually, it emerged that the Xbox One is ten times more powerful than the 360 when run locally. Spencer also said that when you include the cloud in these calculations the figures could be considerably higher although the actual increase would depend on the game in questions and the servers that it uses.

Microsoft has also said that it will keep the RRP of its own released titles the same as they are on the Xbox 360. OK, so that still means that we could be paying as much as £50 for games but that is better news than some were expecting. It is a somewhat worrying trend that new generation consoles have previously seen game costs pushed upwards.

The current RRP for games in the UK is typically £49.99 but, in reality, very few games actually sell for this price. The biggest releases, like the latest Call of Duty games may well retail at these figures but other games struggle to justify the price tag. It seems possible that a greater percentage of new releases will have this higher price tag.

What’s more, the pledge only accounts for those games that are manufactured by Microsoft themselves so while Halo might sit at the £50 mark, prices from other companies and publishers have not yet been confirmed.

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