Yahoo Completes 10th Acquisition Since Mayer Came To Power

yahooSince Marissa Mayer came to power at Yahoo last July the company has forged ahead with a serious programme of acquisitions to bolster their waning market share. Share prices have reacted favourably over this time and the acquisitions would seem to point to a company that is attempting to diversify to different device types and sizes. The most recent purchase is that of Loki Studios, which is a mobile gaming company, and is the fourth deal this month alone.

Since Mayer took over the top position at Yahoo she has had a very clear strategy. She wants to bring innovation back to a company that was once at the leading edge of online technology. In October of last year she highlighted her intention to start buying up smaller companies and she has stuck to her word, buying 10 companies in six months – around half of the number of acquisitions she completed in her whole time at Google. She started out by closing down a number of apps and services that weren’t performing and acquisitions represent the second stage of a three stage plan.

As well as Loki Studios, notable acquisitions have included social polling service GoPollGo and flight search service Milewise along with productivity suite Astrid, all completed earlier this month. All the evidence would seem to point to Yahoo becoming considerably more social. Whether they plan to launch a Google+ type social network or not remains to be seen but they continue to buy social apps and services.

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