Yahoo Launches New Flickr Design With 1TB Free Storage

flickrIt’s been little more than a day since the announcement that Yahoo was purchasing Tumblr but they’re not done making waves yet. Angering some fans, the technology giant has today launched a redesign for its photo sharing site Flickr. They say that the new design will allow users to become more immersed and they are making the changes in order to make Flickr “awesome again”.

CEO Marissa Mayer has certainly not been sitting back since her arrival at Yahoo. Having completed 10 acquisitions, she has also now overseen a refit of what was once considered one of the hottest properties online. The tech giant conceded that they had “screwed up” the site for users and they hope that a cleaner, clutter free home page design will help to appease former users.

Giant thumbnails and an online magazine style design is the new look that will be front and centre for users from now on. The home page will display a stream of the most recent pictures shared by your connections and this essentially gives Flickr a more photo orientated design; something that makes sense for a site that is, predominantly, a photo sharing website after all.

What’s more, the free account got considerably better as all free users are now given a massive 1TB of space to store their photos. Individual photos have a file size restriction of 200MB while videos are restricted to 1GB each but users can upload an unlimited number of pictures to their free account. Paid options are available, but at $50 to remove ads and $500 to double the 1TB storage space we don’t see there being too many takers for these.

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