You Really Do View YouView

youviewYouView has now been installed or played in around 400,000 homes across the UK since its launch eight months ago. The company underwent a number of release delays before they finally were off the ground and the first official figures released show just how well they have done. While the set top box costs consumers £299 to buy, it is believed that the large majority of customers are those that have received the box for free as part of their BT or TalkTalk package.

YouView is a joint venture that brings together the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel, Channel 5, TalkTalk and Arqiva. The box has been offered for free to BT and TalkTalk users but rather than sitting idly, it would seem that the boxes are getting some use. Two thirds of its viewers watch on-demand programmes every week and it appears that the biggest lovers of the service are kids. Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Club House are the most widely played shows on-demand.

The service is set to expand too. Currently, it is possible to watch more than 70 channels including the likes of BBC1 and ITV, and you can also access on-demand services like iPlayer and ITV Player. Come summer, Internet TV access will also be made available and the company is also releasing an app for the Android mobile operating system at around the same time. With an increase in viewing figures, the only thing that really seems to be holding them back is the cost of the YouView player. The Roku Player costs just £40 while the Apple TV Player can be purchased for £80.

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