YouTube Starts Auditing Video Views

Youtube-logoWith some channels ‘artificially’ inflating their view count, Google (who own YouTube) have started a crackdown on the ‘bad actors’ who mislead their viewers by altering their video’s view count.

Visitors to the site watch over 6 billion hours of video a month

“When some bad actors try to game the system by artificially inflating view counts, they’re not just misleading fans about the popularity of a video, they’re undermining one of YouTube’s most important and unique qualities,” wrote YouTube software engineer Philipp Pfeiffenberger in a blog post announcing the news.

YouTube has always audited videos in an effort to try to spot inflated counts, but the company is now stepping up its efforts according to Pfeiffenberger:

“While in the past we would scan views for spam immediately after they occurred, starting today we will periodically validate the video’s view count, removing fraudulent views as new evidence comes to light. We don’t expect this approach to affect more than a minuscule fraction of videos on YouTube, but we believe it’s crucial to improving the accuracy of view counts and maintaining the trust of our fans and creators.”

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