YouView Continues To Grow And Increase Its Offerings

YouViewCatchUp TV company YouView, which celebrated its first anniversary at the beginning of this month, has announced plans to expand by offering its service on a number of other devices.

YouView is proving to be a little more than a niche product. The device provides around 70 channels of TV viewing and also stream catch up programmes from all of the terrestrial channels directly onto your TV without the need to faff around with Smart TV functions or connecting your mobile device to your television.

The device celebrated its first anniversary at the beginning of the month having announced in May that it had shipped 400,000 of its devices to users across the country. These figures have certainly been buoyed by the fact that boxes are given away with some TalkTalk and BT deals while the box is also on general sale and available in many shops and stores.

TalkTalk has announced that it recently gave away 190,000 of the boxes to users which means that they have now given away a total of 390,000 units. This would indicate that YouView has greatly increased the number of households that have YouView since the release of their previous figures.

YouView shareholders BBC, TalkTalk, BT, and ITV have expressed an interest in extending their partnership deal beyond March of next year, when it is set to finish, especially if the service can be made available across multiple platforms. This means that YouView could soon be seen on TV sets, games consoles, and a variety of mobile devices.

In yet more YouView news, users can now access Dave catch-up services. Dave offers a multitude of British comedy and other series and, as well as airing repeats, they have recently been showing off a number of exclusives. All of these will now be made available on the YouView service.

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