Zavvi Threatens To Take Customers To Court Over Accident PS Vita Deliveries

Zavvi_logoOnline retailer Zavvi has sent out threatening letters to demand the return of PS Vitas that they accidentally shipped to customers who purchased the Tearaway platform game. The company has offered to pay for the return of the system, and to send out the game originally ordered, but experts warn that a heavy handed approach could significantly damage the brand’s reputation, and that they should tread more carefully if they wish to avoid negative impacts during the important Christmas period.

The UK based firm, Zavvi, mistakenly sent out PS Vita handheld consoles to customers that purchased the Tearaway platform gamer on their website. While the game cost customers £19.99, the Vita is valued at £169.99 so it is understandable that they want to reclaim the items they sent.

While the majority of people affected by the mistake have now returned the handheld devices, there are clearly those that believe the company were responsible for the mistake and should be the ones to suffer. One report claims that a final warning letter has been sent to customers that received the erroneous delivery.

The Hut Group, that owns the Zavvi website, has said that it has based its demand on UK Distance Selling legislation. While laws dictate that unsolicited deliveries can be treated as unconditional gifts, this is not the case where there is a mix up that results in the delivery of the goods. In these instances, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau has suggested that goods should be returned, although the company responsible should be responsible for the cost of returning the items.

With the Christmas shopping period well underway, it could prove potentially lethal for Zavvi to use too heavy handed an approach. While they may have the right to request, and even demand the return of the items, doing so could put some consumers off using their brand.

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