ZTE Open Is The First Firefox Phone To Launch But Only In Spain

ZTE Open Orange whiteDoes the world need another mobile operating system? Can Firefox go toe to toe with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS or will it remain a niche operating system?

These are some of the questions that manufacturers ZTE hope to answer with the release of the ZTE Open in Spain. The almost unbelievably low priced phone has launched and it may not have the greatest features or specifications but it costs just €69 which actually includes €30 of prepaid credit and a 4GB memory card. It is available on a £2.38 per month contract completely free and it is powered by the new Firefox mobile operating system.

The phone is pretty much as basic as you might imagine for what is basically a £25 handset, although you may be pleasantly surprised by a few of the specifications.

It has a 3.5” touch screen which is pretty tiny especially by today’s standards. It only has a single core processor but at 1GHz it really isn’t that bad for this price. It also has 256MB of RAM which, once again, means that it won’t be competing with the likes of the iPhone or Galaxy S4. It will be competing with budget, low end, lost cost mobile phones though and here is where it excels.

With all that said, the ZTE Open probably wouldn’t warrant any reporting inches if it weren’t for the fact that it sports the Firefox OS.

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Firefox were once the closest contender that Microsoft had for its Internet Explorer software but they have had this mantle removed by Google. They will be going head to head with both companies as well as Apple – by entering at the bottom end of the market they may well be able to get a decent foothold on the bottom rung and plans are, once the Spanish launch is complete, to target emerging markets and work from there.

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